Author: Mingch

Mingch is a software engineer who helps startups on software development. My expertise offer in mobile development, web development projects, as well as private consultations.


This tutorial walkthrough how to use VSCode IDE configure the workspace setting for nextjs / react project.

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Useful Javascript function

This is the javascript function that allow you to check if the internet connection is available or not. Simply call […]

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Flask Run Crontab

This tutorial talk about how to execute a cronjob, from your flask project. crontab -e Python code,

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Docker with MSSQL

This article talk about how to setup MSSQL in docker run on MacOS. Pull images In this example, I’ll choose […]

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This sample code show how to achieve two distinct zero-based indices of any two of the numbers, whose sum is […]

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Array, remove duplication

This tutorial show when passed two arrays of names, it will return an array without duplication. Approach 1: Approach 2: […]

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