IntellJ CE Spring Boot

IntellJ is a very good IDE, but in community version are lack of good free plugin in, especially in SpringBoot. In this article I’m not gonna to use any plugin but to keep my CE version light weight and good enough for me to continue my development. Therefore I’d use the SpringBoot CLI instead.

Without plugin, you can still create project via configure your dependencies, download and extract into a project directory.

Basic init command to create a baseline SpringBoot project.

spring init

Configure with –dependencies or shorten as -d

spring init --dependencies = web,thymeleaf,security demo

Configure dependencies with specific build tools, Maven / Gradle

spring init --dependencies = web,thymeleaf,security --build gradle demo

Configure dependencies with packaging -p parameter war/jar

spring init -dweb,thymeleaf,jpa,security --build maven -p war demo

Extrace project in current directory with -x

spring init -dweb,jpa --build maven -p jar jpatutorial -x

To know what dependencies available

sprig init --list
IntellJ CE Spring Boot

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