Flask – QuerySelectField Tutorial

When you’re reading on this article, most probably you’re looking solution for how QuerySelectField to pre-populate the value. Example, when edit a record, you need to populate the previously selected record.


class CategoryForm(FlaskForm):
    name_en = StringField('Category (en)',[
        validators.Length(min=6, max=255)
    parent = QuerySelectField('Parent', 
        query_factory=categories, allow_blank=True, 
        get_label='name_en', get_pk=lambda a: a.id,
        blank_text=u'Select a categories...')

    submit = SubmitField('Save')



The solution is quite simple, ¬†if the QuerySelectField is named as parent, when you’re doing editing just need to pass the selected option as an object. Example, form = CategoryForm(parent=category). ¬†Category = object to passed


@app.route('/category/edit/<id>', methods = ['GET','POST'])
def category_edit(id=None):
    if id is not None:
      category = Category.query.get(id)
    form = CategoryForm(parent=category)
    error = None
    return render_template('category/edit.html', error=error, form=form)   







Flask – QuerySelectField Tutorial

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