Not able delete elastickbeanstalk empty S3 buckets

Not able delete elastickbeanstalk empty S3 buckets

Recently I’ve encounter a problem that doesn’t allow me to delete the s3 buckets with the reason access denied. Edit the delete operation policy from Deny to Allow doesn’t work for me. I’ve found the following solution work for me.

Made sure is empty buckets

Please be sure the buckets is empty, that is important that you may accidently remove other files within the buckets.

Check the permission

From the S3 dashboard, click on the properties button, then click the permission and click the edit bucket policy. You’ll be prompt up a policy window, and now what we need to do is just click on the delete button at the bottom.

Delete Bucket

From you left window, select┬áthe bucket you’d like to delete. From the action button┬áselect the delete options. You’ll be prompt a window. Copy the bucket name and paste it into the textbox and click delete. Wait for few seconds it’s done.


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