Troubleshooting spring resource handlers

If you have configure the spring resource handlers but didn’t display correctly¬†on the browser, try check the following configuration.

Web @Configuration

This sample code show that missing line @EnabledWebMVC, therefore the resource handler is not activated.

@ComponentScan(basePackageClasses = Application.class)
class WebMvcConfig extends WebMvcConfigurerAdapter {

    private static final String VIEWS = "/WEB-INF/views/";
    private static final String RESOURCES_LOCATION = "/resources/";
    private static final String RESOURCES_HANDLER = RESOURCES_LOCATION + "**";

    public void addResourceHandlers(ResourceHandlerRegistry registry) {
    // code omitted



Make sure you have annotated @EnableWebMvc, refresh browser and you’ll see the result.

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 3.40.07 PM

Troubleshooting spring resource handlers

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